Take to the streets with us on February 24 – against the right-wing wave & for a society based on solidarity!

The right-wing wave is rolling – time to break it! The AfD is gaining top municipal offices and in three eastern German states it is expected to become the strongest party in the upcoming state elections with over 30%.

But the AfD is just the parliamentary arm of a multi-layered right-wing network. This has also been shown in the „Correctiv investigation“, which has made public that AfD politicians, Nazis, members of the CDU-affiliated Werteunion and entrepreneurs have met to forge a plan: to deport people with a migration background en masse.

We do not trust the supposed firewalls of the parties. In recent years, government and opposition parties have not only allowed themselves to be driven by right-wing sentiment, but have themselves reacted to social crises with right-wing and neoliberal policies. Tougher asylum and deportation laws, a migration policy geared towards the economic exploitability of people, comprehensive tightening of police laws and constant attacks on the welfare state.

It is important to tackle the problems fundamentally in order to deprive the AfD of ground.

It is high time for a powerful counter-movement that actively opposes the comprehensive right-wing development and stands up for solidarity and justice. We have to do this ourselves.

Get involved in social initiatives, get involved in trade unions, contradict AfD trivializers or sympathizers in everyday life, stand up for refugees and get involved in local anti-fascist initiatives that directly take away the right’s room for manoeuvre.

Let’s break the right-wing wave together. Let’s take to the streets together in Stuttgart on February 24.